Pediatric rheumatologists,researchers and families, working hand in hand to support groundbreaking, life-changing research and treatment for children living with arthritis and lupus.
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Dickens 2nd Annual Holiday Pageant 2018

Dickens Holiday Pageant 2017

Dicken’s Holiday Pageant at Harbor UCLA Hospital

Thank you to Harbor-UCLA Medical Center for hosting the winter holiday event and bringing joy to these wonderful families.

Groundbreaking Pediatric Research

The Pediatric Arthritis & Lupus (PAL) Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports innovative pediatric rheumatology research in Southern California to find more effective treatments and solutions for the 385,000 children with pediatric arthritis and lupus. The children and families who suffer from these devastating illnesses are counting on the help of bighearted individuals and organizations who believe in creating change by pioneering groundbreaking research.

You can be one of them.

Your generosity can make a real difference in a child’s health, happiness and well-being.

All research will be made available to the public and those with an interest in pediatric lupus and arthritis.

Our Mission

Nothing is more painful than to see young people afflicted with a debilitating illness. Pediatric arthritis and lupus, as well as the potent medications necessary in treatment, are debilitating and occasionally life-threatening in lupus patients. The mission of the Pediatric Arthritis and Lupus (PAL) Foundation is to advance research and enhance the quality of life for the children who suffer from the disease.

The aim of research is twofold:

• First, to discover greater understanding of the origin, development and treatment of pediatric lupus and rheumatoid disease;

• Second, to develop new and better means of aiding patients with quality of life issues.

The PAL Foundation is committed to encouraging and supporting young researchers dedicated to the Foundation’s mission and to providing resources that will enable them to become the next academic leaders in Pediatric Rheumatology.

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