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Nothing is more painful than to see young people afflicted with a debilitating illness. Pediatric arthritis and lupus, as well as the potent medications necessary in treatment, are debilitating and occasionally life-threatening in lupus patients. The mission of the Pediatric Arthritis and Lupus (PAL) Foundation is to advance research and enhance the quality of life for the children who suffer from the disease.

The aim of research is twofold:

• First, to discover greater understanding of the origin, development and treatment of pediatric lupus and rheumatoid disease;

• Second, to develop new and better means of aiding patients with quality of life issues.

The PAL Foundation is committed to encouraging and supporting young researchers dedicated to the Foundation’s mission and to providing resources that will enable them to become the next academic leaders in Pediatric Rheumatology.

Core Objectives

The PAL Foundation seeks to unify efforts within the Southern California pediatric rheumatology community in order to enhance research opportunities via collaborative patient care, comprehensive databases, and longitudinal collection of patient samples for epidemiologic, genetic, and investigative studies.

Southern California’s innovators in pediatric rheumatology are currently developing several research projects, including grant proposals to cover the expenses and salaries for the principal investigators and identifying potential participants. Each is a revolutionary project that would advance understanding of lupus and/or improve care of patients with lupus.

Southern California’s medical professionals serve one of the most ethnically diverse populations in the nation with many of the populations represented having an increased incidence of rheumatic diseases. Southern California has some of the most rapidly growing, promising rheumatology research programs in the country.

The PAL Foundation supports these programs and clinical researchers through donations and grants. PAL Foundation funds oversee and carry out revolutionary research projects in the fight against pediatric arthritis and lupus.

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